Weekly LightBlast

July 24, 2014



Forbearance is patience, endurance, allowing an agreement or debt to be reworked or forgiven.  It first came through as a LightBlast topic in December of 2012.  I didn’t know what it meant, and although as a conscious channel I can access words I don’t know, in general, my vocabulary is what my guides have to work with.  I looked up the word and was excited about how the LightBlast would proceed.  Here we are again at a beautiful tipping point of Forbearance.  What needs your Forbearance in your life?  You?  Are you patient with yourself, thereby allowing Movement the Grace of forming anew?  Is there another in your life that could benefit from the support of your Loving gaze, allowing them the Fortitude to open their heart to Life?  Is there a situation in the world that could use your Forbearance to let go of the anger and frustration and open your heart for the flow of change?  Your focus is powerful.  Your Forbearance gives balanced stance in the perpetual movement of Life.

In December of 2012, I went to a large Kryon gathering in Maui for the solstice.  I saw two wonderful Lightworkers there, Charlene and Wendy, that had a fabulous story about the “Trees of Forbearance.”  Prior to the event, Charlene and Wendy were driving in Maui and were awestruck when they saw the unusual rainbow-barked eucalyptus trees.  They pulled over to take a closer look. Charlene said, “I wonder what they are,” and Wendy immediately and clearly heard, “We are the Trees of Forbearance.”  Charlene had read the LightBlast of that week, but Wendy had not.  Like me, she didn’t really know the full definition of Forbearance prior to hearing the word clairaudiently.  It was a great validation of the time of change that we were embarking (ha ha!) upon at the turn of the solstice in 2012.  Much of 2013 did require patience and forgiveness! ;o)  Why is this coming back now?  2013 was a year of extensive release, but 2014 is a year of building personal empowerment.  Forbearance, like the power and beauty of the rainbow eucalyptus tree, requires a grace with the pace of Life and a confidence with the changes of Life.  You have both, you merely need nurture them into consistently greater evidence for yourself. 

There is a beauty in all seasons of Life, a beauty through the movement of time.  The skin under the bark of the Trees of Forbearance gives color to time’s passage, painting a stirring tapestry of the diversity and splendor of Life.  Do you see that within yourself?  Do you see that within others, even if it is the silent, suppressed, frightened child within a loud adult scrambling for empowerment?  Do you see it within the collective as you paint a magnificent canvas of hue-manity becoming free in the flight of Empowered Love?

As we sit to Blast Forbearance, we are easily forgiving as we open the door to change and resist reacting from the past.  We are patient with change as it fortifies each being into a strong knowing of the power of their Love and the purpose of their Life.  We are appreciating the rainbow of Life as we reflect the prism of Love into its many facets.  We are powerful and peaceful, knowing the influence of interacting with the greatest opportunity of empowerment for all involved.  Sometimes that is uncomfortable in a moment, until the new skin is revealed through time, strengthened and renewed through the experience.  We are the powerful instigators of change that understand the force of Love to create.  Blast on!

July 17, 2014



Video is HERE

We are in a grand time of much change available.  Ascension is merely rapid evolution and it is a natural part of life.  Lightworkers are the forerunners of implementing internal change, or change within the subtle realm of Self; which in turn creates new new NEW form, not just a new fa├žade on the old package.  As you change from within, you are affecting the vibration that forms, and at first it is invisible.  You can gauge your subtle shift through your subtle experience of emotions and thoughts.  As you feel and think, your vibrate information into the field of response that Life is for you.  As you maintain your Fortitude of peace, capability, awe, excitement, patience and trust; you are allowing your creation the wide open space to form.  Your Fortitude of focus determines your form and the pace with which it becomes manifest. 

You are a brilliant bio-mechanism of call and response with Life.  In the subtle realm, you are the call, in the physical realm you are the response.  As you observe the physical realm, what is already formed; your Fortitude of focus sends a clarion call to new form.  What strength do you give to creation?  Do you enhance opposition or do you enhance new solution?  Whatever the concentration of your focus, you call forth into form.  Do you like what you observe in your world?  Enhance it with your focus.  Do you dislike what you observe in your world?  Rather than enhance it with your focus, shift your focus to new solution through the Fortitude of maintaining the focus of internal peace, Love and possibility.  Have the determination and courage to maintain the ‘solution’ energy in your subtle realm.  Call it forth and watch Life respond.  The response may seem small in a world that gives great voice to adversity, but hold tight to your vision of benevolent solution.  As you have the Fortitude to maintain that vibration, you speak volumes to the true 99%, the unseen field of each person and the unseen field of Life.

As we sit to Blast Fortitude, we are building the great pyramids of the magnetic Merkaba that pulls the electron of opposite charge into bond with the positive form of Life.  We are strategizing Love's graceful movement into form as humanity discovers its innate divinity absconded by the distraction of fear.  We are becoming the omni-potent creators that tip the balance empowerment into each blessed being, enhancing the power of Love, for it is within the freedom of each and it is the natural flow of Life.  Blast on!